He writes his own songs and performs them. When looking at it that way you could consider the 28-year-old a singer-songwriter. But Jord is more than that.

Infected with the love of music by his father, Jord started playing music at the age of ten. Initially he started playing in a metal band. You heard that right; he was a passionate head banger. Complete with long curly hair. He doesn’t consider it to be the shadow of his youth. On the contrary, it was an exciting adventure that gave him loads of stage experience at a relatively young age.

Six years later he traded his electric guitar for an acoustic one and played solo performances for his constantly growing audience. At the same time he improved his skills as a songwriter. Partly by cooperating with national and international songwriters.

As of this moment Jord is working with a brand new band, consisting of a bunch of young and driven musicians. He is currently working on his first release.

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For information on booking Jord please send an e-mail to or call +31 6 57 66 57 34

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